Why you should reboot your router monthly for problems

On the heels of Virgin Media announcing that subscribers should reboot their router on a monthly basis to keep their internet connection in good working order (something we’ve recommended our customers do for some time!) here’s a bit more information on why a regular reboot of your hub or router can keep your internet running more smoothly!

Like any computer (and a router/hub is still a computer if one that only serves a very specific purpose) sometimes a reboot can help solve a number of hub connection issues. It’s also the first thing ISP’s usually ask you to do if you called us for help.”

Virgin Media’s instructions, below, show how easy this process is for their kit – and it’s usually just as easy for any other providers modem or router, just flipping the power switch to the “off” position for a minute, and then switching it back on is all you need to do (we’d also recommend doing this for your WiFi box as well!)

Virgin Media’s Guide

First of all, make sure nobody is downloading important files or in the middle of a video call with the office as switching off the router will interrupt the connection in your home. If all is clear then follow these stress

  • The first thing those plagued with poor internet connectivity should be to look at the back of their Hub.
  • Next, turn the Hub around being careful not to break or disrupt the cables entering the lower part of the box.
  • You should now be able to clearly see a small black power switch – turn this A/C power switch into the Off position.
  • The Hub switch is in the Off position when the O is pressed in.
  • This switch should be left Off for at least 10 seconds but a minute is a good idea if you have time.
  • All that is required now is to power your Hub back up by toggling the A/C power switch back into the On position.
  • The A/C power switch is in the On position when the I symbol is pushed in.
  • The Hub can take up to five minutes to get completely connected again.

You will know the connection has returned when the solid line LED base light is illuminated at the front of the Hub.

Why does rebooting a router require a 10-second wait?

Most electronic devices make liberal use of tiny batteries called capacitors.

These do not store a lot of energy, but can occasionally have just enough to keep a memory chip running for a few seconds.

A 10 seconds wait ensures every capacitor is completely drained, so every bit of memory is cleared.

This ensures all the settings on the router really are reset, including anything responsible for the crash.

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