Fitting an SSD hard drive to speed up your computer

My computer is sooo slow but I don’t want to spend £500 on a new one, what can I do?

We can replace your old hard drive with a new SSD. In addition, your laptop or PC will get a complete health check and service.

All data will be recovered from your old hard drive and transferred to the new SSD.

Why fit an SSD?

A Solid State Drive (or SSD) has access speeds of 35 to 100 microseconds.

This is 100 times faster than an old-style hard drive.

The faster access speed means programs run much quicker especially your operating system (Windows) which uses large amounts of data.

Is it expensive?

Prices start from £135 for parts and labour depending on what capacity SSD is required.

Next steps…

Contact Steve for more information.

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