In short. Yes.

A hot laptop is an unhappy laptop. Excess heat can cause crashes, slowdowns, and even permanently damage your laptop’s delicate hardware.

Although laptops generally put out less heat than desktops (being energy efficient is a high priority for laptop designers), they do have their own unique set of problems. They’re rarely as well ventilated as their desktop counterparts, and on the whole are much more difficult to clean.

Keeping a laptop cool is all about ventilation. If hot air can’t escape from the laptop case, you’re going to have a problem. Whenever your laptop is on, make sure that nothing blocks the vents (which are usually located on the sides).

Don’t put the PC on a pillow or cushion, or leave it running on the sofa, where it’s likely to sink in and  block the vents. And never, ever put your laptop in your bag unless it’s switched off!

You’ll rarely find vents at the bottom of a laptop, yet you’ll probably have noticed that heat tends to accumulate there. If the bottom is hot to the touch then you’ve got a problem.

Unfortunately, in most cases the dust accumulates in places that require it to be dismantled and professionally cleaned.

We can help with your overheating laptop

Over the years our engineers have cleaned hundreds of laptops, and helped restore them to their former, faster, glory and help extend their life.  If your laptop is overheating, or you can hear the fans on your laptop struggling to cope, give us a call on 07889 123184 or 01793 861317 or drop us a line via our contact form.

We travel to you and either fix your computer issue on site or our engineer will take your computer or laptop back to our workshop.

We cover a roughly 10 mile radius of Highworth – including Swindon, Faringdon, Lechlade, lnglesham, Shrivenham, Watchfield, Coleshill, Whelford, Kempsford, Kelmscott, Buscot, Uffington, Woolstone, Ashbury, Bishopstone, Wanborough, Liddington, Badbury, Chiseldon, South Marston, Blunsdon, Cricklade, Purton, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wroughton and the surrounding area.

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